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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Pekjon Graphique Digital Multimedia. Our mission is to provide an imaginative and creative environment wherein our client's vision and passion becomes our own. The challenge of interpreting and presenting your ideas, products, and services in an ever-changing world, requires great communication and foresight. An outstanding team of highly skilled professionals has been assembled to insure that every aspect of our clients goals are achieved. We invite you to review our wide range of creative services and look forward to transforming your dreams into reality. Please feel free to contact our offices to schedule an appointment / consultation.
The task of selecting a graphics and web design service can be daunting. When developing a brand or corporate image, it is best to identify creative talent that is able to clearly understand and communicate your message in an effective manner. The capability of bringing together technological expertise with creative and imaginative concepts begins with communication.

Pekjon Graphique is founded on these principles. With over twenty years of experience in graphic design, combined with an outgoing passion for implementing the latest technological innovations, we continually seek new and exciting ways to create powerful and effective programming. Our campaigns and presentations are designed to be reflection of our client's vision. Content is developed to achieve the maximum impact in efficient and cost effective manner. We incorporate a wide variety of services to accomplish this goal.

Contact Details

You may contact us thru email, phone or Skype.PGDM has a virtual office we work with different designers, script writers, programmers all over the world.

Istanbul, Turkiye

Phone: (90) 530.941.6272 TR
Email: info@pgdm.com
Skype: ahmetpekcan

Newport Beach, California

Phone: 1.949.273.1884 USA
Email: webmaster@pgdm.com
Skype: ahmetpekcan

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